Essentially, when we use a health product it affects our body, and this leads to a reaction within the body. The same thing goes for Crystal X where a woman using it for the first time will experience the reaction of the constituents of Crystal X. It is essential to point out that these are not negative effects and neither are they adverse effects. Here is a couple of the reactions that may come up with the use of Crystal X.

  1. No reaction – the fact that you did not experience any feelings after using Crystal X only signifies that your vagina is normal without any infections, abnormalities or any other problems. If you’re experiencing a vaginal discharge that refuses to go away, it is normal. Just continue using Crystal X. The efficacy of the vagina stick will only start to become noticed after about 3-4 weeks of use, according to the testimony of other users.


  1. Pain – this is an indication of inflammation or irritation in the vagina. It is not a side-effect of Crystal X usage, so you should keep to the dosage of using it regularly twice a day. The pain should disappear after using it for about 3 to 7 days, and everything should return to the way it was before.


  1. The While Blob – the presence of a white blob indicates that Crystal X is working. It shows that impurities have been present in your vagina over the years, and this is what the stick is pushing out. This is a positive effect of using Crystal X.


  1. Clear liquid with excess itching – shows the presence of bacteria in the vaginal fluid which comes out in the form of a sticky clear liquid or a clear liquid.