Your status for WhatsApp does not always have to be a boring one such as “busy”, “in a meeting”, “available” and so on. WhatsApp is perhaps the most popular chat client for mobile in the world, particularly for the younger generation who love the mobile app. With the popularity of WhatsApp, the term “texting” is on its way to being completely replaced by another one; “apping”. It’s possible you’ve observed that many people are frequently seen online on WhatsApp, and with the advent of the WhatsApp application on computers also, the rate of growth is astronomical. There is also a wide usage of non-English languages signifying the kind of penetration WhatsApp enjoys amongst the people.

The app allows users to set a status for WhatsApp and even though some users do not attach much importance to WhatsApp status, a lot of people want to showcase some intelligently-crafted, cheeky, one-liner as a status message on their WhatsApp profiles.

Often times, people use a status message to convey some kind of cryptic message to other people in a way that is indirect. It has also been observed that a lot of people attach some kind of importance to setting up status messages in their own language and it is fast becoming a huge trend.

There are also third party websites on the internet that are dedicated to furnishing people with WhatsApp status ideas which are largely centered around occasions, special events, and different moods. This allows us to get status messages that are readily available ensuring that we can update our status whenever we feel like it, while they also periodically update the content on the internet with fresh ideas on status for WhatsApp. The popularity of a WhatsApp status will be determined by the number of people using the same type of status message.