Have you ever wondered what the word “HEPA” means on certain products? When you walk into any nearby retail establishment and you see vacuum cleaners, air condition units with HEPA vacuum filters, HEPA air purifiers, and also other products. Why don’t we discuss what HEPA purifiers are, and how beneficial they can be.

What is HEPA?

The word HEPA means “high efficient particle air” and can also be referred to as high-efficiency particle arrestance. It is a type of air filter which removes and absorbs 99.97% of particles that have a size of 0.3µm, which beyond the human sight.

What use is a HEPA Air Purifier to me?

HEPA purifies the air around us, it filters off dust particles, pollens, pet dander and also other particles that do not occur naturally in the environment. It also helps filter off particles that are not good for the human health especially those that cause allergies.

Normally it’s quite difficult identifying particles, except through smell or the way our bodies react to them like allergies, because they are beyond the normal eye sight. And as such what other ways to prevent such harmful particles from entering our bodies which may lead to damage in our system than having a device that practically removes such particles from the air, therefore improving our health.

What makes HEPA Purifiers better than any other?

Most of the other purifiers are being tested and certified by the HEPA standard, though some aren’t as proficient as others. The HEPA air purifiers are well known to be the best air filters as they have been structurally built to perform at great expectation. HEPA air filters remove particles that are 0.3µm in diameter at a 99.97% rate, which the human eye cannot see.