A toaster oven can be just as effective as, and at times faster than the popular oven in handling all manners of cooking. Many couples and individuals delight in the toaster oven because space-wise, it much suitable for the size of their meals and people living in temperate climates can prepare meals without turning up the temperature in their homes. Several people appreciate how well the best toaster oven works that they have adopted it as their main oven. Some other people utilize them as their secondary ovens in order to cook bigger meals. Essentially, there are two types;


Basic Toaster Ovens

These can be compared to the conventional built-in-ovens although built to function on a countertop. They preheat faster and as such have been said to cook faster than normal ovens.

Convection Toaster Ovens

For individuals who do not have to cook for large groups, convection toaster ovens can be substituted entirely for a full-sized oven. They are also faster than the ordinary toaster oven and the normal full-sized ovens.

The different sizes toaster oven come can be made to suit various needs. For preparing smaller portions of food or grilling open-faced sandwiches, small toasters are better. For roasting a small chicken, making pizza or baking a batch of cookies, the mid-size toasters are more effective. Larger toaster ovens may be used to roast, for instance, a 4-pound chicken or prepare a 12-inch pizza.  All types of toaster ovens can definitely make toast depending on their size and can reheat, broil and defrost in addition to baking potatoes.

Racks, baking pans, and broiling trays are also considered the necessary features of the best toaster oven. This is owing to the fact that the regular full-size oven accessories would be inadequate for a toaster oven.  The toaster ovens are quite easy to clean with wipe-clean interiors and removable crumb trays despite the fact that the toaster oven accessories are usually hand wash only.