About us

About us

The Master Chef has experienced a tremendous leap in success in the past 25 years in a fiercely competitive and ever changing industry.  Starting off as an extended family cook before transforming into a small business, and has now evolved into an international reorganized brand. The transformation is quite a pleasant surprise when you consider that we started with practically nothing more than with just the desire and passion to provide the most delicious meal for all.

We have now climbed to the very top of the food chain. Our culinary business is at the top of the food chain today because of the faithful customers who believes in the skills, experience, and the knowledge of our wonderful team of employees.

Our team is made up of painstaking vetted handpicked individuals who distinguished themselves in various cooking delicious meals of various national or cultural cuisines.

Here, we are masters of all the world’s famous cuisines like Italian cuisine, Chinese, cuisine, French, cuisine, American cuisine, Indian, cuisine as well as the cuisines of continental Europe.

In addition to running a successful kitchen all over the world, we also provide courses on cooking and recipes. We have been custom making cooking plans, cooking recipes, and coaching cooking courses and classes for all our clients.

Mission and commitment!

At The Master Chef, we are unflinchingly committed to our customer’s success and happiness. Our commitment is not based on the usual phrase of “happy customer, happy business” ours is truly about the passion we have for our business, and our heartfelt appreciation to you our customer for your trust and faith in our ability. Consequently, we treat you as our number one customer, as though you are the only one on earth who matters to us. Which is true, you alone matters as far as we are concerned.

The service we provide supports and confirm this.

We are mindful of our position, the fact that as a big global brand we now serve customer s from various backgrounds and complex cultural values. Accordingly, we have developed our business and cooking to the needs and satisfaction of all our customers. It does not matter the culture or religion you have, or the culture and religion being observed by your target customers.

We shall help you understand all your options, help you set goals and hold your hand in building the cooking skills you have always dream of every night in your bed.

Together, we shall achieve your goal and share in your happiness.